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English speaking therapy in Nijmegen

Are you looking for an English speaking Psychologist in Nijmegen?

My name is Jacqueline Medendorp. I am a psychologist with a practice in Nijmegen. You can contact me for therapy and relationship counselling.

English speaking therapy

Your own essential needs

Being in touch with your own essential needs brings joy and assists in finding fulfilment in life. In the frenzy of everyday life or as a result of other difficult circumstances, this connection can fade into the background, which can lead to the onset of psychological problems in either your personal or professional life.

You may experience symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and lack of self-esteem or eating problems, just to name a few. Maybe you encounter problems in relationships with your partner or with your children. You may also experience problems at work such as tension, burnout or a lack of meaning.

Gain insight into your life

Through dialogue, I can help in elucidating patterns around complaints and problems and will listen carefully to your feelings and needs. Once you connect with what is essential for you, you will feel relieved, your perspective will change and you will find renewed strength to solve problems in creative ways. This is also a way to let go of patterns, which often stem from early childhood.

You will gain insight into your life and develop more sensitivity to your needs. You will have more vitality, autonomy and hold on your life, relationships or career.

Do you have questions, or would you like to make an appoinment? Feel free to contact me.

Jacqueline Medendorp


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